Monday, December 7, 2009

Meaning of the Millennium

I have started my paper for Theology class and its on the meaning of the Millennium.

In case you don't know (I won't hold it against you) there are references in scripture, mainly Revelation 20:1-6 that mentions a 1000 year reign of Christ during THIS Earth before Satan is finally destroyed and the New Earth is created.

There are three main views of this Millennium.
1. Christ will return BEFORE the Millennium- therefore PRE-Millennial view.
2. Christ will return AFTER the Millennium- POST-Millennial view.
3. We are currently living in the Millennium- A-Millennial view.

Though these make for WONDERFUL evening reading... I think there are a few things that are more important than these views, things that we can take away as absolutes from studying end times.

1. Jesus Christ is The Ruler of The Kingdom that everyone will be subject to, every knee will bow.
2. Jesus is returning to finish the Battle that he began his first time around.
3. What then is the purpose of living lives for our selves? What does living "in the moment" matter when we know what eternity holds?

Therefore, in studying this topic I am challenged in how I live.
How am I living in light of knowing that my life is more then the now?
How am i living knowing that Jesus, the leader of the winning side is actually come back to finish the war... like for real. Its not just a story. Its not a long ways off.

Do you talk about Jesus and or God but worry more about your own life then about eternity and about Jesus finishing the war that we are in the middle of?

What's important to you?

Treasure Trove

Monday, November 23, 2009

Twenty Minutes

I have twenty minutes to write this before Meghan gets done with work... what a great phrase, "twenty minutes." Give me twenty minutes. Its not fast but its not half an hour. Hmmm, what else could I do in twenty minutes? For the next twenty minutes I will attempt to make a list of things I could do in twenty minutes, no more no less.

1. Write this.
2. Change the oil on a motorcycle.
3. Enjoy a cup of coffee.
4. Surf Facebook.
5. Arbitrarily Surf
6. Attempt to locate my car on Google Maps.
7. Get from my couch to my cubicle.
8. Get decently ready for the day.
9. Read Malachi.
10. Ride my bike downtown.
11. Make Dinner.
12. Field Dress a Deer.
13. Change a Headlight.
14. Replace a Tail Light Fixture.
15. Wash my Car.
16. Reformat a PC.

This is boring.
How about things I bet I could do in twenty minutes:

1. Drink a Gallon of Milk.
2. Break a golf club into 8 pieces.
3. Make, Fill and Bury and Time Capsule.
4. Remove the doors from a car.
5. Burn most of a house.
6. Cut my own hair.
7. Build something that makes "music."
8. Build something out of Lego's that's cooler than yours.
9. Tell someone how to successfully steal something.
10. Tell someone the logical reasons behind not stealing something.
11. Make my sweater into a pair of pants... and vice versa.
12. Throw 400 burritos, at anything... 20 a minute, do-able.
13. Drive 30 miles. Average MPH would have to be 90, do-able.
14. Write a rap song.
15. Eat 2 Little Caesar's Hot and Ready pizzas.

Well times up... this has been unproductive and mindless. Sometimes that is needed.

"Treasure Trove"

Monday, November 16, 2009

What are we doing?

I confess that I am writing this during a lecture on Eschatology, in my course on Theology; we just finished Ecclesiology, though not forgetting Soteriology and ultimately Christology we press on towards more OLOGY words... but for what?

I confess that it is after 9:00 pm as I write this and I arrived at church before 9:00 am... 12 hours at church. But thats okay because its my job, right? I led a study, had a meeting, made some calls, did some paper work, and studied what it meant to be a Christian. Bonus for me, Work= Better Christ follower... right?

I confess that I don't think I am any more like Christ because I just learned another ology word... and another... and wait for it... another. I am not more like Christ because I led a study of staff members discussing the Bible. In fact, I am not more like Christ because of anything I have done today.

What makes us think that we are more like Christ if we read the bible to "know" the Bible better then everyone else. What makes us think that the more we read the Bible the more we will be like Christ? What makes us think that by NOT doing the wrong things and by reading our Bibles we are different?

Have you read The Bible lately?
Have you REALLY read the Bible lately?

I bet your life would look different if you read it.
Don't pick and choose, its not a manual...
Can you read James 1:26-27 and only do half? When was the last time you looked after widows and orphans?

I confess I am afraid to read my Bible.
It asks me to live a crazy life... and I don't.

I can make sure I am not polluted by the world but I am not trying in anyway to give any part of my comfortable life to people who are dying in the cold because they don't have a home let alone a jacket or a meal.

What am I doing learning ology words and staying at church for 12 hours?

What are you doing?

Treasure Trove

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Boy and His Horse.

This is the life and times of Cullen Teska and his 1992 Honda Accord.

I went home this weekend and experienced something that I never really have before. Death.
I was given the opportunity to drive my old car for what may have possibly been, the last time. At first I didn't think much of it; though I did find it strange to be driving a vehicle with orange "For Sale" signs on the back windows. It wasn't long before memories were streaming in and tears were nearly streaming down. 7 years and 100,000 miles all for what? To be stripped of everything that was familiar, cleaned out and sold to someone who had no idea of our history? I felt like Noah from "The Notebook," here lay my Allie in front of me yet sterile and unknowing of me. The faded old MasterCraft sticker was scraped off and the glove box was empty; it was as if my faithful car had come down with a horrible case of dementia and was no longer mine. So as I locked the doors and walked away for the very last time, the deep pain of an open casket wake, struck me to my core. To help myself through the grieving process I have written a eulogy of sorts; a time line of our relationship.

September 2002- Accord came into my life, I can still remember the JV football game at Sparta, I saw her from across the street for the very first time.

November 2002- The CD Player that I had purchased for her lasted all but 3 weeks before being stolen; our relationship was strengthened through the pain.

February 2003- One evening, a tire blew out. The wheel was torqued on and not having a cell phone required me to walk a long way to the nearest gas station for a phone.

Summer/Football of 2003- I filled the back floor space and up onto the seats with Gatorade bottles, that was great.

September 2003- The first K9 search of the High School parking lot. The dogs barked like mad at my car, the police tore the car apart and found nothing. I had nothing.

Spring 2004- In my boyish immaturity I pushed her to her limits and reached speeds unachievable by my peers.

Summer 2004- While driving home from work, my radiator cracked. Needed a new one.

September 2004- Second K9 Search, more barking more searching and of course, no drugs.

November 2004- Purchased the correct clamps allowing the snowboard rack to work with her.

September 2005- Third K9 Search, again barking, but upon seeing it was me, the police let me go unquestioned. Will never know why the dogs barked.

January 2006- I somehow was able to get her to Eau Claire with me despite being a freshman, I still remember the late nights at the Menards DC and the relief of seeing her after a long shift.

May 2006- I packed her up and we moved to Camp for the summer.

August 2006- I packed her up again and we moved to Northwestern for football. We learned Minneapolis together.

November 2006- I walked outside of my apartment and where I had parked her the night before was an empty spot. She had been stolen from me. For 2 weeks I went through the torment of not knowing if I would ever see her again.

November 2006- Police found her and I had to pick her up from the impound, this was quite the experience. They took her distributor; 75$ on ebay.

Spring 2007- We began driving home alot together, to see this girl name Meghan.

May 2007- Packed up and moved back to camp.

August 2007- Packed up and moved to Northwestern again.

November 2007- Trips to see Meghan Steven's Point WI began. 3.5 hours one way.

February 2008- Working at Best Buy, again, seeing her in the parking lot after a long shift was heaven.

May 2008- Drove from Minneapolis to The Dells, to Hillsboro, back to Minneapolis and to La Crosse in preparation for proposing to Meghan.

Summer 2008- I bought a new Deck and Speakers for her, she sounded great! But didn't have the best summer, she was there for me.

Fall 2008- Began driving to Steven's Point 2 to 3 times a month, remember, 3.5 hours one way.

Spring 2009- Continued driving to Point 2 to 3 times a month.

April 2009- First time she didn't start, stranded us in Milwaukee. In hindsight this allowed us to stay in Milwaukee longer and made for some great memories.

May 2009- Graduated from College and drove home in her. Spent the last view weeks as a single man with her.

She has carried, snowboards, snowboard gear, bowling ball, wakeboards, guns, bows, hunting gear, all my clothes, bikes, guitar, camp gear, college gear, TV, mattress, dozens of people, Gatorade bottles, a keg, paintball guns, paintball gear, longboards, water skiis, drums, football gear, and golf clubs.

I have sweat, cried and bled in her. I have laughed in her, screamed in her, and sang in her. I have had more meals in her then my current home.

You have been the best car a boy could ask for. You will be forever missed, good-bye and good-luck.

The healing begins.

Treasure Trove

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Those of you who know my wife, know that she is gifted in sleeping. Especially when she has been working A TON and going to class even more. She puts in long days and so I want to preface this story by acknowledging that I never once harbored a negative feeling towards her during my experience.

Few things you should know: Last night I came home from a birthday after-party after The Ave, our Tuesday night service for college students. I didn't have the car or keys for that matter; so I got dropped off and I noticed the lights were on meaning she had waited up for me. I got to the front door and I could hear the TV was on quite loudly and so I knocked... and knocked and knocked. After a few minutes I went around back to try that door and I feared bothering the neighbors inside. Back door: locked. Through the back window I could see half the couch, the half with her legs under a blanket. So I knocked and banged and she never moved. I laughed a little.

I had called her and sent her some texts but it wasn't enough. I think because she fell asleep with the TV on all noise was irrelevant to her. So I sat down on our back porch and looked up at the night sky. Fortunately it wasn't too cold and kind of enjoyed my time with my thoughts and with God. But after about 45 minutes and knocking every now and then I assessed my situation and decided to move into the hall way outside our door.

When I got to the other door I knocked. Nothing. So I sat down in the dark hall and listened to the TV from inside... "Now for 3 easy payments of 33.33 you can get the Hann steam sanitizer." In a text, I told this to Meghan. No response. After some time I again assessed my situation and assumed the worst. I curled up on the floor and tired to sleep. Some ideas came to mind while laying thing... "Go throw the breaker, that should get her attention" but I didn't, I just honestly tried to sleep. After awhile I was like "Forget this" and went back to the back door.

I let it have it. I pounded like it was going out of style. A leg moved. Pounded more and she woke up and let me in. Nearly two hours later I got in. The end.

I don't really have any lesson from this. I titled it homeless because I thought I could correlate my experience with a homeless person, but I can't and really, it makes me thankful that I am not homeless. It was a great evening none the less.

Thanks for tuning in.

Treasure Trove

Monday, October 19, 2009

Prodigal God.

I am currently reading the book Prodigal God by Tim Keller. So Good.

Basis: Everyone knows about the prodigal son. What if Jesus wasn't intending on teaching a lesson about the prodigal son but rather the elder brother that stayed at home to work for his father.

Read it here: Luke 15

Look at the elder son's response to the father accepting the prodigal son back. Do we respond this way to people who make obvious poor choices yet so freely accept grace and love through Christ? Just like the prodigal son gets a feast despite squandering the fathers wealth...

The prodigal son took the fathers wealth and left, obviously not loving the father. The elder son worked hard not because he loved the father but to get the fathers wealth v. 28. They both wanted the same thing, the fathers wealth, not the father.

How often are we resentful to people who receive obvious grace when we have WORKED SO HARD to be GOOD Christians? How often do we consciously or unconsciously convince ourselves that our lives will be better if we obey God more, or God will love us more if we obey or work harder for him?

Who are you? The prodigal or the elder son?

The Secretly Prodigal Son.
I steal grace.

Treasure Trove

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too Many Words. Too Much Fat.

I write the monthly email for our ministry and one of our students informed me that "no one reads paragraphs" and thinking of all the things I read, I absolutely agreed. So I am not going to write paragraphs anymore, just statements and questions.

In spending time with God today I read the beginning of Isaiah. When substituting the Israelite people with the people of God today (anyone who claims to follow Christ) in Isaiah 1, its convicting but it also makes me extremely thankful for grace. What are your thoughts?

God says in Isaiah 1:11 "I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals; I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats." v.13 "Stop bringing me meaningless offerings!"

God cares more about our character and the conduct of hearts then the number of our religious activities.

Are you burning animals just to burn them?

God gives more grace then we will ever know. Isaiah 1:18-20. Its up to us. The best of the land or the sword.

"Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord."

Take the deal and be obedient. The end.

"Treasure Trove"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Marriage and Bot Flies.

So my wife Meghan and I are going on a mission trip to Peru in January. We will be supplying a network of villages with water filtration systems as well as teaching healthy living standards. We are super excited and I will share more later. For now I found a strange correlation in my research for Peru.

I am not a huge fan of insects so I started researching the insects Peru. This led to me to the Bot Fly, which led me to Dermatobia Hominis(not gross link)
or human bot fly, its the only species of bot fly known to use humans as the host to its larvae. Aka, this fly lays its eggs in human skin so they can eat the skin, get fat(GROSS LINK) and grow into more bot flies. Understandably it intrigued me/grossed me out but it got me thinking; as people, we live with spiritual/character bot flies.

Now hear me out, as Christ followers we should be sanctified daily as we get closer to eternity with Christ. Sanctification means to make holy, to purify and to set free from sin. But I am finding that a lot of us sanctify ourselves from, say the freaking alligator gnawing on our legs or from the bee hive we choose to hold on to so very tightly. Yet we neglect to take care of the bot flies that have found themselves a home in our spiritual lives and just like in real life, it is pretty easy to hide the little red bumps and maybe even convince ourselves that they arn't there; when in reality there is a maggot growing under our skin.

Here is the kicker, I could tell all of you that I don't have any bot flies and really, you probably don't even want to know. But when it comes to our spouses, no body wants to crawl into bed with somebody that has maggots in their skin. I think that marriage is the most sanctifying adventure in life; its not fun to pull the bot fly maggots out, it hurts and they are gross and living with a little red bump may even seem easier. But in the long run, the bot flies can be done away with and we truly are more sanctified.

Until Next Time...

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Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have always wanted a place to voice my thoughts, concerns and questions about God, life and like the subtitle, the human condition. There are things that I want to share and questions that I simply don't have the answers to and hope that you can be of some help. From time to time I will also post links to things I deem worthy to pass along to all of you. Also, because I think it is funny, with each post will be a "Today's Treasure Trove" which will be a link to something unrelated and usually ridiculous. So join with me in my ventures and provide feedback to not only my questions but my thoughts and my meanderings as well.

I don't have the answers but I know the way. Follow me.