Monday, November 23, 2009

Twenty Minutes

I have twenty minutes to write this before Meghan gets done with work... what a great phrase, "twenty minutes." Give me twenty minutes. Its not fast but its not half an hour. Hmmm, what else could I do in twenty minutes? For the next twenty minutes I will attempt to make a list of things I could do in twenty minutes, no more no less.

1. Write this.
2. Change the oil on a motorcycle.
3. Enjoy a cup of coffee.
4. Surf Facebook.
5. Arbitrarily Surf
6. Attempt to locate my car on Google Maps.
7. Get from my couch to my cubicle.
8. Get decently ready for the day.
9. Read Malachi.
10. Ride my bike downtown.
11. Make Dinner.
12. Field Dress a Deer.
13. Change a Headlight.
14. Replace a Tail Light Fixture.
15. Wash my Car.
16. Reformat a PC.

This is boring.
How about things I bet I could do in twenty minutes:

1. Drink a Gallon of Milk.
2. Break a golf club into 8 pieces.
3. Make, Fill and Bury and Time Capsule.
4. Remove the doors from a car.
5. Burn most of a house.
6. Cut my own hair.
7. Build something that makes "music."
8. Build something out of Lego's that's cooler than yours.
9. Tell someone how to successfully steal something.
10. Tell someone the logical reasons behind not stealing something.
11. Make my sweater into a pair of pants... and vice versa.
12. Throw 400 burritos, at anything... 20 a minute, do-able.
13. Drive 30 miles. Average MPH would have to be 90, do-able.
14. Write a rap song.
15. Eat 2 Little Caesar's Hot and Ready pizzas.

Well times up... this has been unproductive and mindless. Sometimes that is needed.

"Treasure Trove"

Monday, November 16, 2009

What are we doing?

I confess that I am writing this during a lecture on Eschatology, in my course on Theology; we just finished Ecclesiology, though not forgetting Soteriology and ultimately Christology we press on towards more OLOGY words... but for what?

I confess that it is after 9:00 pm as I write this and I arrived at church before 9:00 am... 12 hours at church. But thats okay because its my job, right? I led a study, had a meeting, made some calls, did some paper work, and studied what it meant to be a Christian. Bonus for me, Work= Better Christ follower... right?

I confess that I don't think I am any more like Christ because I just learned another ology word... and another... and wait for it... another. I am not more like Christ because I led a study of staff members discussing the Bible. In fact, I am not more like Christ because of anything I have done today.

What makes us think that we are more like Christ if we read the bible to "know" the Bible better then everyone else. What makes us think that the more we read the Bible the more we will be like Christ? What makes us think that by NOT doing the wrong things and by reading our Bibles we are different?

Have you read The Bible lately?
Have you REALLY read the Bible lately?

I bet your life would look different if you read it.
Don't pick and choose, its not a manual...
Can you read James 1:26-27 and only do half? When was the last time you looked after widows and orphans?

I confess I am afraid to read my Bible.
It asks me to live a crazy life... and I don't.

I can make sure I am not polluted by the world but I am not trying in anyway to give any part of my comfortable life to people who are dying in the cold because they don't have a home let alone a jacket or a meal.

What am I doing learning ology words and staying at church for 12 hours?

What are you doing?

Treasure Trove