Monday, December 7, 2009

Meaning of the Millennium

I have started my paper for Theology class and its on the meaning of the Millennium.

In case you don't know (I won't hold it against you) there are references in scripture, mainly Revelation 20:1-6 that mentions a 1000 year reign of Christ during THIS Earth before Satan is finally destroyed and the New Earth is created.

There are three main views of this Millennium.
1. Christ will return BEFORE the Millennium- therefore PRE-Millennial view.
2. Christ will return AFTER the Millennium- POST-Millennial view.
3. We are currently living in the Millennium- A-Millennial view.

Though these make for WONDERFUL evening reading... I think there are a few things that are more important than these views, things that we can take away as absolutes from studying end times.

1. Jesus Christ is The Ruler of The Kingdom that everyone will be subject to, every knee will bow.
2. Jesus is returning to finish the Battle that he began his first time around.
3. What then is the purpose of living lives for our selves? What does living "in the moment" matter when we know what eternity holds?

Therefore, in studying this topic I am challenged in how I live.
How am I living in light of knowing that my life is more then the now?
How am i living knowing that Jesus, the leader of the winning side is actually come back to finish the war... like for real. Its not just a story. Its not a long ways off.

Do you talk about Jesus and or God but worry more about your own life then about eternity and about Jesus finishing the war that we are in the middle of?

What's important to you?

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